You want your team to grow stronger and work smarter.

But how?

In today's world, so much is expected from us at work - communicate clearly, give honest feedback, resolve conflict, grow as leaders, and develop high-performing teams. And this just scratches the surface. 

While these expectations might be made clear, HOW to do it is not. Until now.

Meet the Enneagram: the most transformative personality tool you've never heard of!

Curious to hear a brief overview of what the Enneagram is all about? Take a listen to the 24 minute podcast below.


The Enneagram (pronounced "ANY-a-gram") is a powerful map that identifies the motivation behind our behavior. When we identify which of the nine Enneagram types we lead with, we begin to understand how our strengths become weaknesses when overused. This heightened self-awareness has great benefits for every aspect of our lives, from home to work.


The Enneagram gives teams a deeper understanding of who they are as individuals and how they can work best together. When I work with teams, I make sure everyone feels comfortable; encouraging people to be open, but never prying. After discovering the style each person leads with, the Enneagram has endless business applications including improving communication, conflict resolution and building leadership skills.


Working one-on-one with me, you will discover which Enneagram style you lead with and how this is reflected in your habits and behavior. You will see your style clearly as you explore what you appreciate about yourself and what you would like to change, accept or improve. Tailored to your specific needs, I identify practical methods for applying what you learn about the Enneagram to your daily life.