The Enneagram was the perfect tool, to help our department articulate our personal working styles. Since learning the Enneagram, we have a common vernacular in which to communicate our differences. In turn, we’ve been able to not only show more empathy for different personalities within our department but actually appreciate the strengths of our team members. We are now a more cohesive team and we are so grateful to Kate for giving us this great new tool!
— Libby Crooker, Vice President of International Support, Anytime Fitness
Kate did an amazing job of working with the various members of our team. All different personality types, Kate took the time to understand each of us: our goals, strengths, and challenges. Most important, Kate provided us with strategies and perspectives that allow us to take this information and practically apply it so that we can all achieve higher heights.
— Mark Blegen, Chair, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, St. Catherine University
Kate has a deep understanding of the Enneagram and is a qualified, gifted teacher. She has the unique ability to address practical business and personal applications of the Enneagram while giving equal attention to its importance in relationship building. Learning to use the powerful Enneagram tool will help you increase your personal effectiveness and that of your teams. Kate provides clear, easy to follow how-tos for using the Enneagram for exceptional results.
— Anne Mureé, Principal of Olive Branchways, Enneagram education and coaching firm
Kate helped me gain understanding and compassion for myself and others with the insight that we are motivated by these different things. I put on a new lens with the people I work with, and have become reflective about the question of what may be motivating me in any given situation.
— Amy Egenberger, Spirit Out!