I am available to speak about the Enneagram in front of any sized group. From rotary clubs, to networking groups to association meetings, my down-to-earth style makes the Enneagram an approachable, intriguing topic for any audience. 

Topics can be customized to your needs or be one of the following:

Never Heard of the Enneagram? Discover What You’ve Been Missing.                                  One hour: An overview of what the Enneagram is, where it comes from and a brief description of each type. Everyone receives a handout that gets them started on determining their type. 

Longer than one hour: I can go into each type in more depth and include activities that help people figure out which type they are.

Increasing Your Self-Awareness Improves Your Business                                                      One hour: An overview of why emotional intelligence is important and its direct impact on your success. Includes an eye-opening activity done in pairs and then shared with the larger group.

Strengths v. Weaknesses: Just How Different Are They?                                                             One hour: We often hear the message, "use your strengths." But is it possible to take our strengths too far? Kate will explain the connection between strengths and weaknesses and walk you through a thought-provoking exercise that will have you looking at your strengths in a new light. She will also briefly introduce you to the nine different types of the Enneagram, a personality system that illuminates what happens when we overuse our strengths. 

Let's talk about what would be the best fit for your audience.