At work, the Enneagram is used to improve communication, address conflict, build teams and more. Understanding our own type and those of our colleagues gives us insight into why we all act the way we do, why we can’t take the actions of others personally and ultimately, how to work together more smoothly.

Teaching the Enneagram in an organization begins with everyone identifying their own types. Because the Enneagram is about the motivation behind our behavior rather than the behavior itself, there is no accurate test for determining type. Instead, types are determined by going through a process of self-discovery that I lead. 

After determining the types of each member of the team, I then teach how to apply this knowledge to a variety of business applications including:

- improving communication

- giving feedback

- building stronger teams

- developing smarter leaders

- holding effective meetings

- resolving conflict

I work closely with you to tailor my work to meet your specific needs.